The anti-waste application geolocated from TOntilles and VSmacawïbes

Thanks to our application, our ambition is to put in place concrete actions to fight against food waste and other perishable products in the Antilles and the Caribbean.

Every year, many traders throw away tons of food and perishables. Beyond the ethical question, this food waste also raises the question of the financial and environmental impact of all this food waste, which is all products purchased and not consumed. Today, there is a real awareness around the issue. Many people, traders and individuals alike, seek solutions to reduce the quantities thrown away and act accordingly. Thus, we see more and more frequently large brands offering promotions on perishable products with a short expiration date. But this is unfortunately not enough yet

Food waste in a few figures

anti gaspillage

When we take a closer look at the figures related to food waste, there is plenty to ask the right questions ...

At the World level

1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away or lost each year in the world, which represents 1/3 of food production… In Europe, between 95 and 115 kg are thrown away per year and per consumer. With these uneasy losses, we could eradicate malnutrition in the world, which is sobering ...

In France

In France, 10 million tonnes of food are thrown away, representing a cost of 650 million euros, which go in the trash. However, 94% of French people are sensitive to food waste, so it is time to provide them with an effective and sustainable solution.

It is in order to accelerate this virtuous circle, which is part of the movement of the circular economy, that ACT2WIN has developed an application that offers to connect traders and consumers in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana and of the Caribbean.

Everyone wins and eTogether, we can help traders reduce their food waste and protect our planet's resources, while saving money!

The many advantages of our application

The goal of our app is zero waste! But the benefits of selling or buying perishable food there go far beyond.

Limit losses for traders

Who says food waste says financial loss. Huge amounts of money are thrown in the trash every day. With ACT2WIN, unsold items are revalued to limit the financial losses of traders. In addition, 25% of users are considered to complete their purchases which represents a potential for cross-selling.

Lower the cost of living 

In a context where the cost of living is in constant increase, the fight against food waste is an essential issue. Throwing away less means not wasting money. When you think that each consumer throws away between 95 and 115 kg / year, that is so much money wasted. In addition, buying products on promotion, close to their expiration date, allows significant savings.

A gesture for the environment

The undesirable effects of food waste on our environment are numerous: global warming, wasted water, pollution of natural environments, overproduction of products ... By giving a second chance to all these perishable products, edible or not, we limit the negative impacts on our planet.

The ACT2WIN application,


For traders and their unsold items

Merchants, join the ACT2WIN movement and sell all your unsold perishable products to individuals. Register for free on the app with your smartphone and update your available baskets. Thanks to geolocation, you are visible to consumers and thus you create a new clientele. The operation of the ACT2WIN application for professionals takes place in 3 stages:

  • Preparing the baskets : depending on your current unsold items, prepare your discovery baskets or surprise baskets made up of one or more products.
  • Uploading : in a few clicks, indicate the content of your baskets and the withdrawal times.
  • Basket collection : the customer comes to collect his basket after validation of his order. He comes to collect his basket on the principle of click & collect and you are paid as soon as the transaction is validated.

Our commission is collected only on the settlement received from a customer which means you pay nothing if you don't sell your products. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

For consumers

Say no to food waste and make a gesture for the planet by registering on the ACT2WIN application!

You discover a new way to consume responsibly and durable. By purchasing baskets via our app, you prepare good meals at very low prices. To join the trend of short circuits, simply activate the geolocation mode of your smartphone and the list of partner merchants nearby is displayed. The advantage is that you can easily find a store near you and get to know the professionals who give their perishable products a second chance. Then, you have the possibility of reserving one or more baskets in a few clicks, the payment is made safely on the platform. All you have to do is collect your basket with the order form to validate in the presence of the merchants, and voila!

Download the app