ACT2WIN, an anti-food waste application for individuals

Become an actor in the protection of the environment by fighting against food waste!

What if we learn to consume differently to limit our waste while saving money? The ACT2WIN application is THE anti-food waste solution available in the French Antilles and the Caribbean.

Faiyour savings with ACT2WIN !

The concept is simple and easy to use: download the ACT2WIN application on your smartphone, register and discover all the waysrecent partners around you who have joined the movement. Fill your basket with perishable products that are still good for consumption, buy local and discover your local traders, all at very advantageous prices, why hesitate?

Join the ACT2WIN movement, the anti-food waste solution which has a positive impact on the planet

ACT2WIN is an innovative application that offers an anti-food waste and zero waste solution in the French Antilles and the entire Caribbean!

We know purchasing power is a major concern for consumers, but solutions exist. Downloading the ACT2WIN app means helping to limit our daily waste and learning to save money while preparing good meals. Indeed, consuming responsibly and improving our daily habits makes it possible to avoid throwing our food in the trash. Treating the subject of food waste in a positive way is a mission that is motivated by great ambitions, those of participating in the protection of the environment and changing our consumption habits towards more healthy and sustainable consumption. ACT2WIN gives you the opportunity to help traders save their unsold goods.

An easy-to-use application

Sign on the disheforme, and discover all the merchant partners who sell their unsold food products. Thanks to your smartphone's geolocation system, you know the stores near you that are part of the movement. Select one of them, and discover the daily food and perishable products available to you. We also tell you the expiration dates of the foods. Payment is made as soon as you collect your purchases, in complete safety.

Defend your purchasing power with the ACT2WIN app

Food waste

Every year, millions of tons of food are thrown away in France. Collecting unsold perishable products is a civic and responsible approach. Often these food products are shunned by consumers for the following reasons:

  • Poor knowledge of the meaning of food preservation dates: DLC, DLUO, what's the difference? We mistakenly think that certain foods are good to throw away quickly after purchase, but this misinterpretation leads us to throw away food that is still edible! ACT2WIN is the application that helps you better manage your food purchases.
  • The “unsightly” aspect of fruits and vegetables, even though they have the same taste and the same nutritional properties as others. Often, these are not put on the shelves to make room for foods that "make you want". They usually end up in the trash.

Manage your budget well with the ACT2WIN application

The rhythms of life have changed a lot in recenthe decades, we pay less attention to the organization of meals and our purchases, which pushes us to waste more. And who says food waste, says money thrown down the drain. Foodstuffs unsold by traders are offered at a cost lower than their original price. Being part of responsible and committed consumers with ACT2WIN means taking advantage of attractive prices on all everyday products, better managing your budget while preparing quality meals and considerably reducing waste. Give your budget a boost and consume responsibly: this is our philosophy!

What are the businesses that can be found on the ACT2WIN app?

Anxious to participate in the protection of the environment and to fight against food waste, our partner merchants offer you perishable products, edible or not. Find stores near you in you geolocation. Food products, cosmetics or plants, you are bound to find what you need. Here is the list of the types of businesses accessible on the ACT2WIN application:

Bakeries and pastry shops

The food items on offer have a very short shelf life, it is the right time to reserve your bread or your pastry at discounted prices!

The early vegetables and the market gardeners

Local fruits and vegetables should be eaten soon after harvest. Unfortunately, many of them go into the trash for lack of sales. Discover the baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables that can still be consumed on ACT2WIN!


Meats are very sensitive foods. Collect and buy unsold items at the best prices

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants have many reasons for food waste. Thanks to ACT2WIN, discover the professional partners who offer their unconsumed products at attractive prices.

Grocery stores and supermarkets

Discover a wide selection of perishable food products that deserve a second chance. They fully comply with the rules of sale and conservation.


Cut flowers and plants are just waiting to adorn your home, treat yourself or give a gift to your loved ones.

Cosmetics shops

Cosmetics are also perishable, it would be a shame not to take advantage of them at very attractive prices.

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