Act2WIN - Fight against waste

The app that saves you money

Welcome to our ACT2WIN website! Individuals and traders alike, you all have a role to play against food waste. Act2Win allows you to become a real player in this cause, while making savings on the products you consume or sell.


Ease of use, speed of action, we have concocted the next-generation anti-waste application.


Limit your losses by selling your unsold products, save money by consuming products at reduced costs.


Take action to support traders and for the planet. Resources are limited, don't waste them.

They joined us

Retailers, large and medium-sized brands, there is no small waste. Don't let your unsold items expire, join us!

Traders by our side

The anti-waste revolution is underway

Take action, you will gain

Save money

Acting to make yourself a winner, this is the challenge that ACT2WIN has launched. Locate merchants who have unsold items, fill your basket, place your order, pick it up. There you are, you are an actor and a winner of change.

Our first users testify

Like them, try the anti-waste application ACT2WIN and adopt it in your daily life

“Good anti-waste application. Good innovative concept for the Antilles and the Caribbean ”

“Very ergonomic, simple and very efficient application. A first for the West Indies! Download without delay and use without moderation!”

“Great! Finally an application of this type in Martinique. It is important to act against waste. Thank you!”

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