Do not throw away your unsold items anymore thanks to ACT2WIN theanti-food waste application

Are you tired of losing money throwing away your unsold items and want to have a positive impact on the planet and the environment?

Join the movement ACT2WIN ! By registering on our application anti-food waste from the French Antilles and the Caribbean, you are helping to make a gesture for the planet by promoting your unsold perishable products close to their expiry date and thus reduce your financial losses. Thanks to the application's geolocation system, you attract local populations to come and get supplies from you by offering them attractive prices.

With ACT2WIN, save your losses, generate income, promote yourself and the planet will thank you for it! Take action against food waste in order to give all the food produced the opportunity to make a good meal.

We help you togir against food waste and sell your products closes their expiry date

In addition to ethical and environmental issues, por all food professionals, losses represent too high a cost over time. From production to storage and packaging, from the distribution of perishable foodstuffs to the consumer, food waste occurs at all stages of the chain. We found the solution for you thanks to the application ACT2WIN ! In addition to selling your perishable products, you become a committed actor against food waste and environmental protection. You build up a new clientele that will be very grateful to you, while reducing your losses.

Why resell your unsold food products?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of food, perishables and meals are thrown in the trash, which represents ten million tonnes of food thrown away each year in France. This represents 33 percent of waste. ACT2WIN is the anti-waste application which aims to bring together all the traders of the Caribbean and the French Antilles in order to fight against this scourge.

Do you have too many unsold items? ACT2WIN gives you the opportunity to put yourself forward and participate in anti-food waste actions in the Antilles and the Caribbean. In addition to saving the planet, you generate more profits and do something for the budget of low-income households. Allow consumers to benefit from very attractive discounts on food products with short dates or best before dates.

Increase your visibility with the ACT2WIN app

Stop throwing away your unsold perishable products, give them a chance to be deliciously cooked or used! Food banks receive food from different businesses every year. This is unfortunately not enough, you can do even better using the app ACT2WIN ! The application gives you the opportunity to work in partnership with other traders, for a lasting and effective engagement. And why not create a surprise and offer recipes according to arrivals?

Who is the ACT2WIN application for?

The platform is aimed at all commerçants from the French Antilles and the Caribbean who sell perishable products: fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, prepared meals, pastries, breads… but also cosmetics, flowers and plants. Here's how different businesses can benefit from the benefits of the app ACT2WIN :

Bakeries / pastry shops

Bakers and pastry chefs know the daily challenge of preparing and baking breads, pastries, pies, cakes, sandwiches etc. These foods should be consumed quickly because most of them perishable within 24 hours. It is clear that it is difficult to anticipate daily sales, these being very variable. With ACT2WIN, say no to food waste! Submit your unsold items and give these foods a second chance to be tasted while offering consumers attractive prices.

Supermarkets and grocery stores

For a grocery store or supermarket manager, the management of stocks of perishable products is often a real headache which regularly obliges them to throw away certain unsold products whose expiry date is approaching. ACT2WIN offers you a profitable and sustainable solution by selling these commodities at a reduced price rather than throwing them away. Thus, you limit your financial losses, the products put in the dumpster representing a deadweight loss for you!

Market gardeners and early vegetables

From harvesting fruit and vegetables to selling, it takes a few days before these sensitive food products do not wither or perish. If you are one of the greengrocers and greengrocers who want to make a gesture of business by selling fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to the trash at a lower price, download the ACT2WIN application!


Cut flowers have a lifespan of vie very limited. Selling plants and flowers can be a real headache for traders, who may throw them away if the time is not right for the sale. ACT2WIN allows florists to lower the prices of bouquets of flowers and boost occasional sales, to the delight of consumers and their homes.


Exit from the fridges, lMost meat prepared by the butcher has a fairly short shelf life. For example, minced meat should be consumed within 12 hours of purchase. Poultry, steaks, roasts… will keep for 2 days in the refrigerator. Needless to say, food waste in butcher shops is high! And the preparation of ready meals is not always enough to use all the meat. So with ACT2WIN, you have a real solution and allow modest people to enjoy quality meat at a moderate price. Everyone wins and especially you by not paying the breeders for nothing!

Hotels and restaurants in the Antilles and the Caribbean

Hotels and restaurants have many reasons for the amount of food thrown in the trash: complicated inventory management, difficulty in anticipating daily attendance… Even when offering doggy bags, product losses remain a daily reality! Do something for the environment by fighting against food waste. ACT2WIN is THE solution for professionals in the hotel and catering industry who are looking for a way to dispose of their unsold items.


Submit your unsold cosmetic products at broken prices. ACT2WIN is the zero waste application which finds for you a quick solution for the resale of cosmetic products and contributing to the respect and protection of the environment. All consumers will be delighted to take the opportunity to indulge themselves!

Test our ACT2WIN application, you have nothing to lose!

Stop throwing away your products and adopt a new responsible sales method that is good for the planet with ACT2WIN ! Register on the platform, download the app, with our model you only pay once the sale has been concluded without advancing any costs. You have everything to gain, and your customers too!

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